Full Wall Wainscoting

Full Wall Wainscoting

In the days before paint was scrubbable and wallpaper was massproduced, wainscoted walls served a practical purpose; covering the lowest and most vulnerable portion of a wall. Covering with wood paneling provided an attractive and decorative wall treatment tough enough to withstand cleaning and resist any damages due to everyday use.

Wainscoting is Still Popular

Even with today’s modern paint and wallpapers, wainscoting still serves its intended protective purpose; however people use it most often because of the way it transforms a bland space into an elegant room by adding interesting detail to walls that don’t otherwise have any built-in character.

Sure, that all sounds reasonable until you start to consider the cost. Until recently the trouble was, if you wanted wainscoting you either had to make-do by faking the look with trim applied directly to the wall or spend a lot of money on a custom carpenter and custom-shaped panels. Now with high speed production techniques and modern, precision made hardwood Poplar components, we make installing your own paneled wainscoting a more viable option.

How to Achieve Best Interior Looks with Wainscoting

When choosing, you should consider which wainscoting is appropriate for your application. Flat paneled wainscot is less expensive than the raised panel system and easier to install because the panels are thin and they do not require shaping or routering. Each style can be used for different purposes without breaking the bank or skimping on decorative appeal. Keep in mind that we have experienced personnel standing by to answer any questions that you may have, just a phone call away.

Call us today and order your wainscoting kits that can be installed on any unfinished wall in your house including bathroom, kitchen, dining room etc. The look of wood paneling can add charm and elegance to any room. Wood panel wainscoting gives a room an elegant mixture of color and wood finish that is both attractive and unusual.

Allow us to give your house a new feel, wainscoting wall panels do precisely that so order yours today and see the results for yourself!